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Study Your Industry

    I believe it is important to research and study the career field you are in or aspiring to be in. This will help you learn a ton and grow with knowledge. This can help you learn industry language/jargon and keep up to date with "what's happening" or evolving. You will be able to get a feel for what technology is being used, what company is on the rise or fall, experience needed to be well equipped, etc.     After all, research prior to getting in a career can help you make a life decision on where you want to be. As well as, save you wasting time in the wrong job for years. I do advise researching different industries especially for high school students and undecided college students. For those who have degrees you can find a mentor within a company that will help guide you along the way. For anyone, please take advantage of networking. I have mentioned this before in job searching previous blogs. Social media has some positives, such as to keeping us updated with i

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