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Is This On Your Resume or Not?

I have seen numerous resumes over the years. Many of you know that in my previous jobs, I was a Manager, Supervisor, Recruiter, & HR Specialist. I worked in many facets of HR and reviewed many resumes that fit the criteria and some that did not. There are four things that stood out, out of all the resumes I've seen. I was in awe that was these were on their resume or missing from it. Let's take a dive into those things. Highlighting My personal definition of a resume is that it is your billboard marketing tool to the job you are applying for. Your knowledge, skills, and abilities are the main focus when recruiters and managers skim over your resume. No need to highlight what is meant to stand out on your resume.  Social Security Number Yes, some people put their social security number on their resume. This is a big DO NOT DO THIS! Your social security number does not go on your resume at all. No place for it. Your social security number is supposed to be sacred and protecte