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Customer Service point of view

I have been working since the age of 13. I either held a job and or volunteered with my Dad's PAL league team concession stand  (Eastside Giants at Denby) . My Dad even helped my sister and I start our own concession stand. I had some good summer jobs and part time jobs. From working at a day care center, (who remembers Sleepy Hollow in Detroit??), being a Police Cadet at the   convalescent  homes, to working at the movie theater. These jobs did create some discipline and time management incorporation. I did not have the opportunity to work in fast food. Thank God. 😏 I worked at Star Gratiot Theater my senior year in high school and part of my first college semester. Working there taught me about customer service, representation of the company, diversity and that customers are very attentive (secret manager informants  😒 ) in what I did when I worked at the concession stand. Obviously, this is a customer facing job. Usually with customer service jobs you have or will learn,

Write the vision

For myself, writing lists of goals help me to manage and achieve them more realistically. Every year I write a list of goals and objectives. Throughout the year I cross off what I've achieved. If there is a few items on the list, they may end up on next years list. Then I self examine to see why that goal was not reached. What happened? My list is composed of things I want to do, things I want to get (usually big ticket items), upgrades, and ideas. This is what I think the definition of goals and objectives are to me. Goals are things or something that you focus on that is realistic and attainable. Goals are positive production toward a better future. Goals maybe individualized or involve others like family, coworkers, etc. They can be big, small, long term or short term. Sometimes you have to reset your goals. Objectives are about the process you will do to obtain those goals. The what, who, when, where, how, most importantly why. What about career exploration goals and object


I have never visited Texas a day in my life before I moved here. The day I arrived was the first time I have ever been to Texas. Dallas is BIG! I made a huge leap of faith to move to somewhere I never been. Prior to making this decision I did my research on the area, jobs, housing, economy, employment statistics, asked around, etc. I thought about other states like California, Kentucky but I kept getting rerouted to Texas. The job market was booming and still is. I wanted to do better for my son and I. When I moved I packed everything in my car and shipped 2 boxes. Before I left, I sold and gave away everything in our apartment. I couldn't take all my clothes and shoes. My mother told me "just make sure you have one good interview outfit" and shoes. That's just what I did. With this leap of faith I became hopeful and had to prove to myself, I can do this. The job search was a bumpy unexpected turnout. No doubt, I had job interviews lined up. I used my GPS to get eve

Patience in waiting?

There have been a few times that I had to wait on my interviewer. Which is way too long in my book if I have to wait! I am groomed from an army vet that says, If you are on time you are late (My dad). First instance: I most definitely I made my in-person interview about 20 minutes early, scoped out the perimeter, proceeded to park then went inside. This is a well known reputable company that is based in the North Dallas area, so I was eager to proceed with the in person interview after an initial phone interview. The interview was scheduled with the HR Manager for one hour on a Monday. When I arrived, the security/receptionist announced that the HR Manager was in a meeting that was running over a little. Ok, I thought and proceeded to wait because I was early already waited 15 minutes, now I wait some more. No biggie right? 5 minutes pass, then ten minutes, now 20 minutes. Now the security/receptionist states, she is really late and she have been sending her messages. 30 minutes pas