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Interview with Charlise Walker, Founder/Executive Director of PCDS

Interview about Professional Career Development Services. Interview by DS Walk of DS Walk Show and husband of Charlise. Find out purpose, passion, and whom we serve. Donate at to help us continue our mission.
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8 ways to detect fake/scam job postings! Be careful, scammers are out there and not calming down because of a virus. They are usually present more during hard times. Donate to our organization so that we can continue to help others #bejobready

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Should you always use a cover letter when applying to jobs?  I will leave that for your discretion. Personally, I don't include a cover letter each time I have applied for jobs. However, I will provide you with 4 reasons of when to include your cover letter. First, let’s start with the basics.  What is a cover letter? A cover letter is an introduction or proposal to your resume. The goal is to get the reader to look at your resume. A professional cover letter can contain,  2-3 short paragraphs with some of your key strengths and skills. Example, introduce yourself and tell how you learned about the position in first paragraph; Next, mention key aspects of your experience and strengths and last mention how you believe you are a good match and refer the reader to your resume.   Cover letters are meant to be tailored to  each  job you apply to.  When should I include a cover letter? Required . If the position you are applying for states that a cover lette