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Verfication of Employment vs. Reference

There is a difference between a reference and a verification of employment (VOE). By law VOE checks can only ask time frame when worked at a company and eligible for rehire. When you give a professional or personal reference, this is someone you list and give potential employers OK to call. Its good to get permission or let your references know you used them as a reference. 1. VOE usually done for preemployment, during background checks, with purposes verifying if you actually worked at your previous jobs or current during the time frame you stated. (One reason why I DO NOT create FAKE resumes so please refrain from requesting, trust there are ways to verify a closed company). 2. Your personal references are someone you chose to give account for your work ethic and character. Please ask that person before you give out they're information. If you still have contacts with previous supervisors, managers, this is a great as start. Bonus: I can create a reference page for you. If a pote

Organize Your Job Search

  My biggest pet peeve when I was a recruiter is that a candidate didn't know the company that was contacting them about a job they applied to.    (Which is a clear indication that you are being considered for the position) My solution is to keep a log of the jobs you applied to. I suggest your job log entail some basic things like: 1. Position(s) you applied to (job title) 2. Name of the company 3. Date you applied 4. Location 5. Any comments or concerns about the position. For instance if Remote, hourly pay, salary, work hours, etc. This is also a way to start formulizing questions for an interview.  6. Job status: phone interview, in person interview, offer, or not being considered, etc Bonus tip: As you are applying, look at the 'About section' of the company. Write down some notes so you can be ready to answer questions about the company.  I can email you a job log if you need one. You can also track on an Excel spreadsheet, Word document, write it in a notebook or if

Implement These 4 Effective Habits For a Better Work/Life Balance

  Going through a pandemic taught us how to adjust quickly. Now as the work is trending to go back to "normal" we still must balance. Work Life Balance implementation is very good for your mental health. You probably have a hard time identifying a period in your past when life proceeded without interruptions. But have you ever thought about this? Those "interruptions" belong there because life is meant to be multi-dimensional. Your life is interesting and fulfilling because of variety. Variety in the professional and personal aspects of your life make every day worth living. Now all you really need to do is learn how to balance it all. Train yourself to balance life's demands by implementing these effective habits:   1.       Prioritize. Although you may be a little hesitant to go through this step, it's vital. ·          Do you find yourself putting greater effort into your career? Perhaps that's where your passion lies right now. It'

Things to do when you face a loss of income or job loss

In today's economy, the thought of losing your job is a real possibility. Perhaps you're already in that situation. But don't despair, there are things you can do and places you can go to help you through this tough time .   The first place you must go is to your unemployment agency. You may even be able to apply for benefits online. Either way, contacting them is the first step you need to take. The unemployment agency provides financial benefits to those who qualify, and they'll help you find another job.   Many states are now offering programs that extend unemployment benefits so you can go back to school and learn a new trade or skill. Be sure to ask your local agent about any special programs they're currently offering. Also state programs that are assisting with utilities and rent.    Although they can make a significant difference in the short-term, unemployment benefits are usually much lower than your normal salary. However, there are many other

Is This On Your Resume or Not?

I have seen numerous resumes over the years. Many of you know that in my previous jobs, I was a Manager, Supervisor, Recruiter, & HR Specialist. I worked in many facets of HR and reviewed many resumes that fit the criteria and some that did not. There are four things that stood out, out of all the resumes I've seen. I was in awe that was these were on their resume or missing from it. Let's take a dive into those things. Highlighting My personal definition of a resume is that it is your billboard marketing tool to the job you are applying for. Your knowledge, skills, and abilities are the main focus when recruiters and managers skim over your resume. No need to highlight what is meant to stand out on your resume.  Social Security Number Yes, some people put their social security number on their resume. This is a big DO NOT DO THIS! Your social security number does not go on your resume at all. No place for it. Your social security number is supposed to be sacred and protecte