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Organize Your Job Search


My biggest pet peeve when I was a recruiter is that a candidate didn't know the company that was contacting them about a job they applied to. 
🤔 (Which is a clear indication that you are being considered for the position)

My solution is to keep a log of the jobs you applied to. I suggest your job log entail some basic things like:

1. Position(s) you applied to (job title)
2. Name of the company
3. Date you applied
4. Location
5. Any comments or concerns about the position. For instance if Remote, hourly pay, salary, work hours, etc. This is also a way to start formulizing questions for an interview. 
6. Job status: phone interview, in person interview, offer, or not being considered, etc

Bonus tip: As you are applying, look at the 'About section' of the company. Write down some notes so you can be ready to answer questions about the company. 😉
I can email you a job log if you need one. You can also track on an Excel spreadsheet, Word document, write it in a notebook or if you are tech savy, save it on your phone/app. The key is familiarize yourself with the company you applied for and don't sound shocked that you don't remember applying. Do your due diligence and research the jobs instead of just applying to any and every job posted. 

Hope this helps!

Charlise Walker, Founder/Executive Director of PCDS


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