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Basic Credit tips to help you start

Take Pain and Walk book

I just released my first book. It is a collection of poems. Paperback available now. Kindle available mid-March. ebook coming soon 📚😃 If you like poems check mine out. These are poems I have gathered over time. Poetry is my therapy and plus I can share my testimony. Thanks in advance.

So you are qualified but not getting through the interview process....

The picture is a representation of the interview process. This one includes testing. Each company you apply to will have a basic process similar to this one. How you process through it will be the key. Don't do the same things and expect different results, something similar my Dad always says. Here are a few reasons you may not get past the first part of the interview screening process and how to change to put you in a better position. Poor grooming attire. First impression factor. Please dress business or business casual. Only field that I know that does not have to dress this way for interviews is in the Medical field. But still, if they did not inform you to dress in scrubs, white coat, or specific attire, please plan to dress business or business casual.  The inability to explain your experience and how you are qualified. Relax. Practice telling a friend what your previous or current work entails. Explain how certain situations where you took lead and fixed a pro

Lessons learned from leadership

I am very thankful to God of the path of jobs that was set for me from my teenage years to now. In my teens I worked as a Daycare Assistant, Police Cadet, and concession stand volunteer. As I started to transition into adulthood I worked at a movie theater, Admin Assistant, Assistant managers for a few companies, bill collector, College Admissions Rep, various functions in HR and Executive Director of my small nonprofit. I learned some ideal lessons from leaders in some of these rolls that stuck with me until this day. Brenda D.: Everyone thought she was tough, well she was but she knew how to lead. I had to take everything in because I didn't at the time know how to be a supervisor. I really appreciated the time she took to meet with me before the store opened to help me adjust. She taught me to ask for help if needed and don't think you can do everything yourself.  Norma J.: She was Store manager, I believe, at another location and took the time to come help me at the l

Encouraging Thoughts: February 2019 Find Time

Encouraging Thoughts February 2019: Find Time Find the time to work on your goals, dreams, aspirations. If you are not where you want to be work on it. 😉 Use what you have so that you can get to where you're going~Charlise R.