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Tuesday Tip: Save your resume and other documents to "the cloud"

     I had an incident where I was on my laptop (actually on my lap), my USB flash drive in, and my laptop tumbles over while I am applying to jobs. The flash drive was damaged. This happened maybe the first few weeks after I moved to Texas. Although, I learned long ago, to email myself a resume but the one I had saved wasn't an up-to-date one. I ended up going back to one of the jobs I previously applied, opened my profile and saved my resume from there. Well that was one, I have a few different types of resumes and for different positions.       I have also spoken to clients and they said they lost their USB drive or don't have their resume/cover letter/references, saved. I researched a list to share. Free and not free! Free Email your resume to yourself and always email an updated one. You never know who you will talk to and they say, email me your resume. Stay ready, be job ready! Dropbox. This can be linked to your email as well. More applicant tracking systems ca

Recruiters texting?

I have had recruiters text message me about a job opening. I don't feel it's appropriate to text in place of a call or an email. (Especially if I did not give permission when and if I applied). I have had bad experiences when recruiters text. Personally, I feel there is no way for me to know its really a recruiter and its lazy way to do the job professionally. It's too many scams out here. I am very cautious because I have been a victim. When a recruiter uses email to communicate, you will see their contact or information related to the company they represent. Links you can click on about the company to see the validity. I also believe texting first, is not a good step to represent their company or build a rapport with the candidate. Well, I don't think the first contact is to text a prospective candidate. For me, its a red flag on proper communication. Reach out and call first, its the basic way to build rapport. If they don't answer leave a message. Now they have

Not getting interviews or not getting through the interview process? Part 2: Networking/Social Media

Part 2: Networking/Social Media I have said this (wrote it) before, your resume, networking and one's online presence work together to create a total package. These are key essentials I consult every person I work with on. I was once a manager and a recruiter. I still work in Human Resources with the Talent Acquisition team. I utilize my resources and skills to help people (Sometimes to help the recruiter and managers). 1. To sum up part 1, your resume reflects your skills and abilities to market yourself well. To add; online resumes, paper resumes and even portfolios/e-Portfolios all market to present your work, and prove your work ethic. 2. What is Networking? Networking is interacting and exchanging information, genuine relationship building towards getting career/job information. Networking is a career develop skill in job searching. Utilize your network! Alumni networks, such as schools, colleges, etc. Join an email list of Alumni networks, and join on social

Not getting interviews or not getting through the interview process? Part 3: Be prepared/Follow up

I have a friend that I use to work with and is also on my Board of Directors, that says, "Stay ready so that you don't have to get ready". She is always prepared and very knowledgeable. Trust me she stays ready. You have to put in the work, so be job ready! Part 3: Be prepared/Follow up A recruiter’s pet peeve is a prospective candidate that looks good on paper but cannot convey their job experiences and skills well or at all. Here is what you can do to be job ready. Be prepared before, during a phone interview, video interview and or in person interview. Be yourself,  be comfortable. Think positive, smile when you are talking. For every job for the past 10 years keep a list of the job duties you done. What did you do?What tools, programs, equipment, type of machines you used, etc. Explain your typical day. Make sure your skills match what you are applying for. If you are trying to change careers let me help you change your resume so your skills can stand out. 

Not getting interviews or not getting through the interview process? Part 1: Resume'

It can be frustrating job searching, interviewing and not getting hired. Even filling out hundreds of applications and not getting call backs can test your patience. Trust me I have been there. Job hunting is a job in itself. As my father says, you can't expect different results doing the same thing. Definitely change it up! I will go over some basic changes in 3 parts. Part 1. Your resume' (or lack of) Part 2. Networking/Social Media Part 3. Be prepared/Follow up Part I: Resume Do you have a resume'? If so, is it up to date? Do you change it to fit the job description details of the job you are applying for? If you do not have a resume' or work experience, I can still help you create one. What is a resume'? Some countries call it a CV-Curriculum Vitae. A resume' is a document usually 1-2 pages that includes your name, contact information, work history (up to 10 years), education, skills set, as well as enhancing it with a summary, accomplishment

Professional Career Development Services (PCDS)-My nonprofit

About my small nonprofit, Professional Career Development Services. I am going to expand and hope to help more people. Watch the video on a small piece of the puzzle. Website To Donate Facebook Instagram @charlisecareerservices Twitter @PCDServices YouTube LinkedIn

College Student Edition: Save on books/textbooks!

I discuss and share ways to save on books, textbooks or if you just like books here are ways to save. Just found out that Amazon is following suit. Let's brainstorm together! If you know of some more ways to save, leave a comment. Knowledge is powerful but sharing knowledge is empowerment 💁👌👍

Answering our top questions about moving to Texas.

My guy and I answer questions about our experiences, trials, tribulations about moving out of state. If you have moved to another state what did you like most and what did you most have to adjust to?

Some Legit side hustles including working from home

My top job search picks