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Verfication of Employment vs. Reference

There is a difference between a reference and a verification of employment (VOE). By law VOE checks can only ask time frame when worked at a company and eligible for rehire. When you give a professional or personal reference, this is someone you list and give potential employers OK to call. Its good to get permission or let your references know you used them as a reference. 1. VOE usually done for preemployment, during background checks, with purposes verifying if you actually worked at your previous jobs or current during the time frame you stated. (One reason why I DO NOT create FAKE resumes so please refrain from requesting, trust there are ways to verify a closed company). 2. Your personal references are someone you chose to give account for your work ethic and character. Please ask that person before you give out they're information. If you still have contacts with previous supervisors, managers, this is a great as start. Bonus: I can create a reference page for you. If a pote