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Tuesday Tip: Get Organized

I had a friend that would put everything on a calendar. This was how she organized. If you wasn't scheduled on her calendar it wasn't important or was in conflict with something else. This was how she organized and it works for her. It is proven that what you organize, you have control over. My saying is, "you have to prioritize in order to be organized". Staying organized can help with being less overwhelmed and increase your productivity. These tips can help with work, school or at home as well as produce that time management skill.  Here are some things you can do to get organized. Organize and tidy up your work space. Before your start committing to being organized. Plus each day, tidy up afterwards. Write it down. Have a to-do-list. This will help sort out some stuff. Sort of in order of priority. What projects need immediate attention first. If you are spending most of your time on one project, you may need to ask for help. Make sure you take b

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals. They started out as just connecting professionals, but this site is so much more now. You can build your professional profile to match your resume and add on other professional items to show your work such as publications, blogs, videos, post articles, share your brand, create a business page, and follow your influences. You also can upgrade your hard skills by taking online learning courses and preparation certificate courses. As well as search for jobs, easily apply through LinkedIn and connect with recruiters. You can even find professionals services to help with such as career coaches, photography, graphic designers, accountants and much more! LinkedIn has definitely evolved, and I believe every adult should take advantage of this network.  If you haven't already created a LinkedIn profile. The minimum age to create a profile on LinkedIn is 13, however, to uses services is 16 with parental agreement. If you haven't

Encouraging Thoughts: August 2019: Don't feel like it!