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Tuesday Tip-Boost your hard skills set

I have had a few people ask about enhancing their skills set or obtaining certifications. If you are not ready to be a college student full time or if your employer doesn't pay for certification training, I have found some ways that may can help you increase your hard skills set. These resources that I researched, can fit into your schedule whether working at home, transitioning back into the workforce or just want to enhance your skills. Actively seeking out different ways and participating in these, displays your intent to learn and time management as well as focus on your strengths. Definitely a conversation piece during a job interview. 😉       Free online courses for certifications       Skillshare by Monster. some are free or low cost about .99 cents.       Take a typing test. Free.       Freelance work       Free or low-

Encouraging Thoughts: June 2019-Preparation

Preparation for the good and the bad. Encouraging Thoughts vlog each month. More on PCDS Facebook page or YouTube. Subscribe, Like, Follow, Comment, Donate 😉 Website Facebook @PCDServ Instagram @pcdserv Twitter @PCDServices YouTube el/UCF7HcEzbMMdrBIle1a7eDAQ LinkedIn 

Tuesday Tip: Request your transcripts

If you are a college student or in trade school, request your transcripts. I suggest either after you complete a semester/quarter, or training hours. Too many  times have it's been seen where jobs are offered that either required degrees, college credits, or hours earned in trade, that they can't get through the onboarding process because that information can't be confirmed (Because it is required for the position). Easiest way to verify if you are having issues is to show your transcripts  👌 Same for when you finish. If the school does not automatically send your transcripts when you graduate, request them (Unofficial and official transcripts). Keep stored them in a place you will remember  🤔 Plus good way to track your progress  😉 👍  Also seen where people didn't get their degree/diploma when they finished school (Especially if you owed them). If the school didn't automatically send it to you, request it during final week ahead of time or ask registr