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Tuesday Tip: Teen Edition-Resume

I've noticed as I am researching available jobs for teens in for our Facebook group, Dallas Teen Job Search, some online applications require a resume. Even if a teen never held a job, a resume can be done. I create and revamp resumes as a part of my nonprofit and wanted to share some tips for teens. A resume is a document that highlights your skills, abilities, education and work experience. A resume is a job marketing tool. See example picture above 😉 Here are some pointers on what goes on a resume for a high school student even if you never held a job. Also, some main sections a basic student resume should have.   Contact information: First and last name, phone number and email address. Some would add full address but city and state where you reside is fine. This should always be at the top or listed first! Objective summary: This is a few sentences that summarize your qualifications for the job. List some of your strengths and skills that are most relevant to th

Tuesday Tip: Practice Your Elevator Speech

Whether you are preparing for an interview, presenting your portfolio or explaining intricate details about your business....learn how to communicate to market yourself verbally as well. One thing recruiters/managers despise is a candidate that can't communicate what they do or have done. Business to business as well.  An elevator speech is a concise, well-practiced and careful description of yourself, your profession, your business or your product. It should be easy to convey in a short amount of time as it takes to ride an elevator just a few floors. 😉 This will help with that infamous question,"Tell me about yourself." during a job interview  Also, can inadvertently be used to tell about your business or brand.  Write it out and say it out loud to a friend or family member to get their feedback. Practice. Your elevator speech should be about 30 seconds minimum to about 1 minute max. Here are a few ways to help you prepare your elevator pitch: